Pakistan perfect candidate for carrying forward legacy of intolerance against human rights: India tells UN

India, on Wednesday, mounted a scathing attack on Pakistan at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Slamming that country for its human rights record, Pawan Badhe, First Secretary at Permanent Mission of India said that Pakistan forms a perfect candidate to carry forward the legacy of ‘intolerance against anybody having modern views on human rights’.

“Pakistan’s well cherished and inherited culture of hatred makes it the perfect candidate for carrying forward the legacy of intolerance against anybody having modern views on human rights,” he said.

India added that Pakistan’s repeated attempts to maligning India in all international forums ‘is not going to change the fact that tens of thousands of minorities would not stop fleeing Pakistan’.

The world has progressed, Pakistan at crossroads to understand the meaning of modern laws: India

Speaking that the 45th Session of Human Rights Council, Geneva, India further said that while the world has progressed well, Pakistan is still at crossroads to understand the real meaning of modern laws, democracy and human rights. “Language of accountability, civic space, fundamental freedoms, public participation is yet to find resonance with Pakistani authorities,” Badhe added.

India also slammed Islamabad for vehemently raking up the human rights issue in Jammu and Kashmir at the UN forums and said that Pakistan should not make ‘mockery’ of the world body.

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