New Anti-Submarine Corvette to Give Delhi a Boost in Indian Ocean Amid Growing Chinese Presence

By Sputnik News

India’s Navy chief has been pointing out the increased presence of Chinese submarines and warships in the Indian Ocean as of late. Under “Mission Based Deployment”, the Indian Navy has reinforced its dominance in the region.

The Indian Navy inducted a potent stealth anti-submarine warfare corvette, the Kavaratti, on Thursday with an aim to further boost its capability in the Indian Ocean, where it is facing tough competition from the People’s Liberation Army Navy. The ship has up to 90% domestic content, but it joined the Navy four years later than planned, also running 250% over budget.

“Kavaratti has [a] state-of-the-art weapons and sensor suite capable of detecting and prosecuting submarines. The ship’s weapons and sensors suite is predominantly indigenous and showcases the nation’s growing capability in this niche area”, the Indian Navy said. The Navy claimed that the induction of the Kavaratti will enhance its war preparedness.

The Navy said that the ship, which can sail at a top speed of 25 knots, has a credible self-defence capability and good endurance for long-range deployments.

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