More manpower, smart border fence: Army prepares new blue print to stop infiltration along LoC

By New Indian Express

Indian Army has put its focus on stopping the entry of the terrorists right at the Line of Control (LoC) and for they the force has not just beefed up the presence of manpower but has also integrated the use of technology to make the plan success.

Lt Gen BS Raju said, “The manpower has been increased along the LoC in such a way that it not only helps in mitigating the infiltration but also raise a warning to the next layer of security in case some one succeeds in infiltrating across.”

The anti-infiltration grid is multilayered and apart from using manpower in layered deployments, equipments aimed to detect the movements early and keeping round the clock surveillance have also been integrated at the 343 km long LoC falling under the area of responsibility of 15 Corps Commanded by Lt Gen BS Raju.

Army till recently was working on concept of ‘Smart Fence” having sensors and warning equipment integrated together. However, incurring high cost has forced a rethink on converting the entire 740 km stretch of the LoC into a Smart one.

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