LAC face-off: Eighth round of talks between India and China expected next week

By Times Now

Another India-China meeting on the face-off at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the 8th round, is expected soon, perhaps sometime next week.

This time, the Indian contingent will comprise Lieutenant General PGK Menon, who has just taken over 14 corps in Leh and Naveen Srivastava, joint secretary, East Asia, of the Ministry of External Affairs. On the Chinese side, there will be major general Lin Liu and a foreign ministry official.

A solution is still a long way off, but the fact that the broad principles of disengagement have been agreed upon is an initial step.

The difficult issues of disengagement have to be discussed. This includes what has been called a North Bank-South Bank solution, with the Chinese withdrawing from the heights of Finger 4 and both sides from sensitive areas of the South Bank of Pangong Tso.

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