Is India Gearing Up for War With China?

This week the Indian Army began to deploy tanks to forward areas near the border including Chumar, Depsang and Chushul sectors to address any threats from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Indian media outlets report that T-72 and T-90 tanks, along with BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles, have been deployed along the Chumar-Demchok sector, which would be critical in the defense of the Ladakh sector.

The Depsang plains, which are situated at an altitude of more fifteen thousand feet, are flat and thus quite suitable for tanks. It is a critical point where Indian tanks could threaten Aksai Chin at the eastern portion of the larger Kashmir region, and which has remained the subject of dispute between India and China since the 1962 border war between the two Asian nations.

Winter is Really Coming

The Indian military has announced it is prepared to remain deployed in the forward posts throughout the winter, and the Soviet/Russian tanks and armored vehicles have been described as being capable to remain operational at even minus 40 degrees Celsius. Special fuels that won’t freeze in sub-zero temperatures are being used with the vehicles.

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