Indo-China Relations: What Are The Probabilities Of War?

The India-China border dispute dates back to the Shimla Convention in 1914 British India and Tibet gave a go ahead to a de facto eastern border called McMahon Line. While China never gave its approval, India has maintained that it considers the same as the effective border in the area between India and China.

It has been a long and eventful journey for both the nations since then. We are still haunted by the memories of Indo-China wars and also the Doklam standoff of 2017 when citizens of the both the countries were prepared for the worse. Similar is the situation now, following the standoff between the two countries in Galwan Valley and nearby areas that has claimed several lives on both sides.

It was for the first time in decades when soldiers deputed along a remote frontline got into a deadly hand-to-hand combat. Remember, the soldiers were reportedly armed only with sticks and rocks, still casualty soared on both sides. What followed was a flurry of diplomatic activities, statements by leaders

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