India’s Lethal Anti-Tank Missile Passes Final Test, To Enter Production


The final user trial of India’s third-generation anti-tank guided missile Nag was carried out today at the Pokhran range in Rajasthan. The missile was integrated with an actual warhead and a tank target was kept at some distance, the Defence Research and Development Organisation or DRDO said.

The missile was launched from the Nag missile carrier NAMICA; it hit the target accurately and defeated the dummy tank’s armour. The anti-tank guided missile or ATGM Nag has been developed by the DRDO to engage heavily armoured enemy tanks in day and night conditions.

The missile has fire-and-forget and top attack capabilities with passive homing guidance to defeat all main battle tanks equipped with composite and reactive armour. The missile carrier NAMICA is a Russian-origin BMP-II based system with amphibious capability.

With this final user trial, NAG will enter into production phase and will be produced by the defence firm Bharat Dynamics Limited or BDL, whereas Ordinance Factory Medak will produce the NAMICA.

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