Indian Army training soldiers to kill drones as terrorists use hexacopters to lob grenades

Threat of terrorists using hexacopters to lob grenades at security forces at Line of Control (LoC) as well as in the Kashmir hinterland have made armed forces adopt new training course for the troops. Now, the Indian Army is training its soldiers how to kill drones.

The Indian Army has adopted a new training module for its troops deployed in Jammu and Kashmir for counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations. Trainers at 15 Corps Battle School, wherein specialised combat training is imparted through real-life situations, are now being educated on how to thwart emerging threats due to drones.

“We are sensitising all the troops who come for training here about threats that drones pose to counter-insurgency operations,” said one of the trainers, adding that there have been intelligence inputs that terrorists can use drones to lob grenades at the security establishments and troops involved in counter-terror operations in the built-up area of terror hotbeds in the valley.

Indian Army officers or soldiers who get posted to the valley need to undergo a training course at the battle school where they are trained for their upcoming task in the new terrain.

The battle school runs two training courses: one for those who are to be posted at Line of Control with Pakistan and another for those who are to be posted in counter-insurgency units in different parts of the valley.

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