India-US 2+2 dialogue to focus on regional security cooperation, defence trade

By hindustan times

The upcoming India-US 2+2 ministerial dialogue will focus on four themes — regional security cooperation, defence information sharing, military-to-military interactions, and defence trade, said the US State Department on Friday (local time).

Speaking at a press conference, the department said that the 2+2 ministerial meeting will lay down next steps for the US-India Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership.

“First, regional security cooperation; second, defence information sharing; third, military-to-military interactions; and fourth, defence trade,” one of the administration officials told reporters while informing about the themes that will be discussed in the 2+2 ministerial meeting.

“Regional security cooperation is that we’re working to enhance maritime security across the Indian Ocean region by coordinating security cooperation and building partner capacity with regional countries,” one of the officials said.

Speaking on the second theme, the official said: “We have made significant progress towards concluding the last foundational defence enabling agreement, the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement, or the BECA.

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