India in dialogue with China to end six month old military standoff: Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said India was in dialogue with China to end a six month old military standoff and commended the Indian army for standing firm against any possible attempts at intrusion by the Chinese forces in the mean time.

“The ongoing talks for peaceful resolution of crisis will continue,” while “the troops are standing firm,” Singh was quoted as telling senior commanders of the Indian army at their biannual commanders conference in New Delhi. The brainstorming session comes as New Delhi is facing a major military challenge from China in the north and Pakistan in the west, making the oft warned spectre of a two front war, a real possibility. The four day conference which began on Monday is set to conclude on Thursday.

The reference was to tensions between India and China that have been high since May this year after New Delhi detected intrusions by Chinese soldiers at multiple locations in Ladakh. The two sides were involved in a violent clash in June in which 20 Indian troops and an unknown number of Chinese personnel were killed. Many rounds of talks between the two countries at the military and diplomatic levels have not yet yielded any solution to the problem.

At present, New Delhi was awaiting a response from China on a new set of dates proposed for the eighth round of military talks between the two countries, officials said.

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