India-China standoff: Stop hyping ‘threat’, China urges Pompeo amid 2+2 dialogue with India


As US secretary of state Mike Pompeo engaged with top Indian officials during the 2+2 dialogue, China’s foreign ministry said that he should “stop hyping the so-called “China threat”, and should stop sowing discord between China and other countries in the region as the standoff along the LAC between Indian and Chinese troops continues.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin urged Pompeo to “stop erroneous acts that undermine regional peace and stability,” as the United States inked a landmark defence agreement with India which allows high-end US military technology and classified satellite data.

The Chinese foreign ministry urged the Pompeo to stop driving the Trump administration’s “anti-China” message while on his visit to India.

The 2+2 dialogue involved external affairs minister S Jaishankar and defence minister Rajath Singh along with US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and defence secretary Mark T Esper as the two sides discussed issues related to the militaries of the two countries as well as their interests in the Indo-Pacific region.

The two countries also signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) pact boosting defence times amid the India-China standoff along the Line of Actual Control(LAC).

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