Imran Khan drags India into his letter to Facebook opposing Islamophobia

By Hindustan times

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has written a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, calling for a ban content promoting Islamophobia on the social network, and took potshots at India while championing his newly found cause.

“I am writing to draw your attention to the growing Islamophobia that is encouraging hate, extremism and violence across the world and especially through the use of social media platforms including Facebook,” he wrote.

Noting that Facebook took steps to ban any posting that criticises or questions the Holocaust, a similar pogrom against Muslims in different parts of the world has been witnessed.

In response to Khan’s appeal, a Facebook spokeswoman told Reuters the company was against all forms of hate and that it did not allow attacks based on race, ethnicity, national origin or religion.

“We’ll remove this hate speech as soon as we become aware of it,” the spokeswoman said in an emailed statement, adding that the company had “more work to do”.

In some states, Muslims are being denied their citizenship rights and democratic personal choices from dress to worship, Khan said in the letter.

“In India, anti-Muslim laws and measures such as CAA and NRC as well as targeted killings of Muslims and blaming Muslims for coronavirus are reflective of the abominable phenomenon of Islamophobia,” he said.

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