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IAF airbase in Leh fully equipped for taking every challenge in night

Indian Air Force (IAF) airbase is fully equipped to handle any kind of challenges if arise in the night. Sorties of IAF aircraft can be seen in the night where the roar of many IAF aircraft can be heard with a fighter jet. MIG-29, Apache, Chinook, MI-17, and light-weighted aircraft Dhruv has carried out night sorties at Leh airbase.

“We are ready to operate our aircraft in the night in any condition, our trained pilots are not only skilled they are highly professional to do sorties in the night in the region,” IAF official who is handling the entire night sorties at Leh airbase told ANI.

Night operation in Leh is not an easy task compared to another terrain because operation from Leh airbase as it has multiple challenges like high altitude, lack of oxygen, the temperature is reported very low here and the most challenging part is to operate at night is fighting with the deadliest mountain.

However, IAF pilots can fight with both challenges at the same time one is enemies and another is a tough situation.

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