‘I Stand with France’ Trends in India as Emmanuel Macron Faces Outrage From Pakistan, Turkey, Others

BY India

Under intense backlash for alleged Islamophobia from countries like Turkey and Pakistan, a section of users on social media have voiced their support to French President Emmanuel Macron for his comments against terror activities in the country.

On Tuesday, a new hashtag started trending on Twitter in India. #IStandWithFrance saw hundreds of social media users tweeting with this hashtag people expressing their support to Macron’s strong decision to take a stand against extremism in France.

One Twitter user said, “@EmmanuelMacron Respected Macron sir, The entire India with you..Flag of IndiaFlag of France India is always with France..we love you macron..we support your stand against terrorism.”

“#IAmWithFrance #welldoneFrance #IStandWithFrance France hat’s off for successfully retaliation against Islamic terrorists. This piecelovers should not be treated like guest,” said another Twitter user.

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