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Hyderabad adding muscle to India’s armed forces

From designing, developing and manufacturing missile and communication systems, Hyderabad has continued to power India’s defence dreams.

DRDO Labs-ANURAG: Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis Group: Works on advanced computing concepts, including hardware, software, numerical analysis and algorithmic studies for DRDO and armed forces.

Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DERL): Works on electronic and communications intelligence, radar and communication jamming systems covering radar and communication frequency bands on ships, submarines, helicopters, aircraft, airborne PODs and static installations.

Advanced Systems Laboratory: Focus on design, development and flight evaluation of missile systems and is working on solid propulsion technologies, composites, aerospace mechanisms, mission design and studies, guidance design and control systems.

Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL): Responsible for design and development of missile systems and technologies that are deployed on land, underwater, sea, and air. Working on technologies required for missiles and strategic systems.

Research Centre Imarat: The premier lab of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex, DRDO, spearheads R&D in avionics systems. Carries out R&D in technologies of control engineering, inertial navigation, Imaging Infrared seekers, RF Seekers & Systems, On-board Computers and Mission Software.

BrahMos Aerospace: All the missile subsystems being fabricated at work centres in India and Russia are delivered at BIC where they are integrated and checked. The Brahmos supersonic cruise missile has range up to 290 km.

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