GoAir’s internal probe finds senior executive guilty of sexual harassment

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An internal probe by GoAir has found a senior executive from its corporate communications and public relations team to be guilty of sexual harassment of two female employees, aviation industry sources said on Tuesday.

“Two female employees complained about sexual harassment by a senior executive who has been a part of its corporate communications and public relations team. The airline”s internal committee investigated the matter and found him guilty,” a source said.

Confirming the development, another source said the incident with one of the female employees happened during an official overseas trip.

Both the female employees have already resigned from the airline, sources informed.

In response to PTI’s queries about the matter, GoAir spokesperson said, “The company has a sexual harassment policy, including a Committee, to investigate the cases and take appropriate measures. It is committed to taking all the necessary steps to ensure that its women employees have a favourable working environment.”

“GoAir is an equal opportunities employer and we also stand committed to promoting a work environment that is conducive to the professional growth of our women employees and encourage equality of opportunity across all levels within the organisation,” the spokesperson stated.

The Mumbai-based airline did not respond to PTI’s query on what action has it taken against the senior executive who has been found guilty of sexual harassment.

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