Gaganyaan: ISRO’s human spaceflight project launch soon, says Dr K Sivan

India has signed 250 documents in the field of Space cooperation with 59 countries, these are to advance India’s capabilities and also to help other space-aspiring nations to benefit from space, said ISRO Chairman Dr. K. Sivan.

He added that India’s major cooperation in the space technology field was with Russia, USA, France Japan and Israel, elaborating on the ongoing and future projects. The Chairman of India’s space agency was speaking at the plenary session of the International Austronautical Congress (IAC) 2020.

According to Sivan, India’s human spaceflight programme Gaganyaan has been going strong, with astronauts being trained by Russia and critical medical technologies being provided by France. However, he said that owing to Covid-19 the Gaganyaan project would see a small shift.

“We had initially targeted an August 2022 launch and there is a small shift in targeting. We are trying to take the help of other space-faring nations for getting things done,” he said.

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