“Ek hi naara, Ek hi naam, Jai Shree Ram”: Pak’s live Zoom meeting on Kashmir hacked

By One India

A live Zoom meeting on Kashmir organised by Pakistan, broadcast on Facebook, in which experts from various countries took part was hacked with songs on Lord Ram and Hanuman playing in the background. “We are Indians, we will kick you,” the hackers can be heard saying.

On Tuesday, a group of Pakistani diplomats, along with some self-proclaimed human rights ‘activists’ and pro-Pakistan trolls had organised an event on online meeting platform Zoom to discuss the so-called ’72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir’.

CJ Werleman, a US-based pro-Islamists sympathiser, was also part of the show to discuss the alleged Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

As the anti-India event progressed, pro-Indian accounts appeared on the event and attempted to stop Pakistani diplomats from speaking lies on Kashmir issue.

Watch it here: 

The pro-Indian users raided the show and played some Hindu nationalistic songs to stop Pakistanis from peddling their usual anti-India narrative.

“We expected this to happen,” one of the speakers stated about the hacking.

At first, around 16:55 mins, the pro-Hindu participants of the event put out a Hindu religious song dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

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