China tracking Indian underwater activities in Ladakh’s Pangong Tso

Since the time the Indo-China border standoff began, the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF) has been keeping the surface of Pangong Tso under surveillance through high-speed patrol crafts such as Type 305 and Type 928D boats copied from Swedish CB-90 boats.

But latest satellite imagery shows China is now tracking the depths of Pangong Tso as well through new techniques used for anti-submarine warfare by navies around the world.

On July 31, India Today OSINT team had reported the presence of at least 13 boats between Finger 4 and Finger 8.The boat squadron was boosted by at least eight new boats from a major base at Rimutang to Kunrak Fort and Finger 5, barely 2.5 km from Finger 4.

And now, latest satellite images from depth areas, especially Chinese military airports, show a trend not noticed before.

PLAAF sub-surface reconnaissance
The PLA Air Force has started closely monitoring underwater activities in Pangong Tso. It is using special aircraft attached with a magn

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