China increasing nuclear submarine shipyard capacity: Report


According to US Naval Institute (USNI), China has been massively expanding its shipyards to build nuclear-powered submarines. The development comes as China has been engaged in a simmering row with Taiwan.

The Chinese navy had released Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft in Taiwan’s southwest air defence identification zone (ADIZ) ahead of the country’s National Day celebration, a move which was criticised by the Taiwan government.

USNI said that recent satellite images show China has gone in for additional capacity expansion with a new construction hall at the Bohai Shipyard at Huludao.

The Bohai Shipyard the institute said was “essentially identical” to the one built in the same area in 2015 which it said China was building for a “new generation of nuclear submarines.”

“The nuclear submarines include both ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) and attack submarines (SSN),” the US naval institute said.

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