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Balakot terror camps, which were destroyed in IAF airstrikes, reactivated by Pakistan

Nearly 18 months after surgical strikes by Indian Air Force (IAF) on Balakot terror camps, Pakistan’s notorious spy agency ISI is using top Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) commanders with having terror experience in Afghanistan to train terrorists in Balakot with an aim to launch attacks on Indian soil. As per the latest report of Intelligence agencies, top JeM commander Juber has been tasked to train newly recruited terrorists in JeM camps of Balakot. Juber has been Involved in terror attacks in Afghanistan against NATO forces.

A newly made control room has also been found functional in Balakot camp. The control room is used by JeM and other terror groups to help in the infiltration of terrorists inside India. After crossing the LoC, the handlers of these terrorists constantly instruct them through code words from Pakistan.

A report seen by Zee News reveals terrorists are planning to target military bases in Rajasthan in October. “A likelihood of a terrorist attack similar to ‘Pathankot attack’ indicated. Terrorists are planning to launch an attack on an unspecified military base in Rajasthan during this month,” said a security agency report.

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