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Armenia- Azerbaijan conflict: Erdogan’s expansionism and Pakistan’s jihadism

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Usanas Foundation (one of India’s emerging think tank on security related matters) recently hosted a webinar on Armenia- Azerbaijan conflict and the role of Turkey and Pakistan in provoking warfare in Caucasus.

The panel comprised Anil Trigunayat, Former Indian Envoy to Libya, Malta and Jordan, Abdullah Bozkurt, Sweden based Investigative Journalist, Turkey expert and Director, Nordic Monitoring and Research Network, Hany Ghoraba, Egyptian Journalist and Counter Terrorism Analyst and Ararat Kostanian, Formerly at Armenian Foreign Ministry and currently, a junior Fellow at National Academy of Sciences, Armenia.

The panel focussed on the views taken by Turkish government on the Karabakh issue and geopolitics involved with it. The panel agreed that Erdogan has assumed a position of Islamic leader ‘Calipha’ and ideology is driving Turkey’s Foreign policy in years to come particularly Political Islam. Abdullah Bozkurt opined that long lost are the days of Ataturk’s Turkey.

Ararat believed that there is a grand plan of Erdogan to subdue Armenia. “This has happened as big powers like European Union shied away in criticizing Turkey’s policies.

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