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Would Russia Or China Unleash AI Weapons Without Human Control in a War?

The Pentagon is expressing concern about China and Russia’s use of artificial intelligence to control autonomous attack systems, potentially using new technology to remove human’s from the kill-chain decision-making process.

There has been a longstanding concern among Pentagon leaders that, despite the current U.S. ethical guidelines requiring that a human be “in-the-loop” regarding decisions about the use of lethal force, countries like Russia and China will not operate within similar ethical guidelines.

Speaking recently at the Defense Department’s AI Symposium, Defense Secretary Mark Esper cited both Russia and China as countries now presenting a high-level of threats to the U.S. regarding their use of AI and autonomous systems.

“Moscow has announced the development of AI-enabled autonomous systems across ground vehicles, aircraft, nuclear submarines and command and control. We expect them to deploy these capabilities in future combat zones,” Esper said, according to a Pentagon transcript.

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