When animals were used as spies

The Chinese yaks
On August 31, a herd of yaks crossed over from Chinese territory into India. Many have then claimed that China may be using the yaks for spying. The Indian Army has now returned the yaks to their Chinese owners but this is not the first time that animals are being allegedly used as spies. Here’s a look at past incidents.

Operation Acoustic Kitty
Reportedly, CIA had a plan to turn cats into spying devices. The plan was named Operation Acoustic Kitty. It was later shelved when during a trial, the spy cat which was meant to capture a conversation of two people, wondered into the streets and got squashed by a taxi, reported

In 2011, Saudi Arabia had accused Israel of using griffon vultures for spying. Reportedly, Saudi officials found GPS transmitters in the vulture. Similar claims have also been made by Sudan.

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