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The U.S. Army Wants to Link F-35 Stealth Fighters to Ground Forces

Imagine an F-35 stealth fighter jet using its electro-optical targeting system to find enemy ground targets, including processing otherwise separated sensor data. The F-35 could then establish target specifics and use radio datalinks to send that targeting information to nearby Apache helicopters and High Mobility Artillery Rocket System rockets.

In this scenario, the target is destroyed in a matter of twenty to thirty seconds, eliminating the enemy armored vehicle asset before its crew can respond. The attacking force is simply faster than the enemy’s decision cycle, winning the combat engagement.

This example of future warfighting, offered by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, encapsulates the intended conceptual vision for the Army’s massive 2020 Project Convergence campaign, a multi-year integrated modernization program designed to chart the Army’s transformation into a new generation of warfare.

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