Startup Skyroot Aerospace unveils India’s first privately developed Cryogenic Rocket engine

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Professor Satish Dhawan, a pioneer who spearheaded ISRO’s efforts as the organization’s second Chairman, an Indian space startup has unveiled their indigenously developed cryogenic engine – Dhawan-I. This cryogenic engine is meant to fuel the upper stage of their rocket Vikram -II.

The company, Skyroot Aerospace has already tested a solid-fueled engine, but the cryogenic engine is even more significant because of the extreme complexity in the technology and the handling of its fuels. A cryogenic engine uses liquid fuel and an oxidizer that is maintained at extremely cold temperatures. Cryogenic is a generic term that can be used to describe temperatures below -150 degrees Celsius. Such engines are used in the upper most stages of rockets, which are used for propulsion in space.

A typical rocket consists of two or more stages, each of which would have its own engines (either single or packed in a cluster). Simply put, a rocket is a combination of multiple engines(stages) that are vertically stacked.

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