President Jinping claimed China not ‘expansionist’ at UNGA; territorial disputes with 18 countries exposes hypocrisy

Chinese President Xi Jinping at the United Nations General Assembly 2020 has said that the country will never seek ‘hegemony, expansion, or sphere of influence’, but instead committed to peace, cooperation, dialogue, democracy, freedom, and justice.

“We will never seek hegemony, expansion, or sphere of influence,” President Xi Jinping said during his speech at the United Nations.

“China is the largest developing country in the world, a country that is committed to peaceful, open, cooperative, and common development. We will never seek hegemony, expansion, or sphere of influence. We have no intention to fight either a cold war or a hot war with any country,” Jinping added.

However territorial disputes with 18 countries expose the Chinese President’s hypocrisy. It is also to be noted that China shares its borders with 14 countries.

The disputes that have caught the public attention of the world are with India, Taiwan, and most recently with Nepal.

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