Pakistan has de-listed over 4000 international terrorists, India tells UN

In a strong statement highlighting Pakistan’s role in supporting terrorism, India has told the United Nations Human Rights council that Islamabad has de-listed 4000 international terrorists and continues to be a safe haven for terrorists.

India’s first secretary to the United Nations in Geneva, Pawan Badhe said, “Full-scale training camps and launchpads of terrorists are being escalated in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Ladakh at great expense for sustaining cross-border terrorism against India.”

“It’s not without reason that Pakistan remains a safe harbour for terrorists. While the world is busy combatting COVID-19 pandemic, Pakistan hoodwinks the world to allow delisting more than 4,000 proscribed terrorists to sustain its terror ecosystem,” Badhe said.

The statement comes even as Pakistan’s fate will be decided by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in October, where it remains on the grey list. Failing to fulfil its anti-terror commitments means it could be blacklisted next month.

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