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NEW satellite images show China’s third and biggest aircraft carrier beginning to take shape.

The pictures were revealed by the Washington-based think-tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which last year confirmed the rumours the ship had been commissioned.

China already has two aircraft carriers that are based on aging designs dating from the era of the Soviet Union, both weighing 60,000 tons.

But the new ship is expected to be a 80,000 ton ‘supercarrier’ more resembling those in service with the US Navy and fitted with modern technology.

There has been speculation the third carrier will even have a futuristic electromagnetic catapult launch system that features on the latest US carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford.

The CSIS says the hull is currently 974ft long, but that will increase significantly with the addition of a flight deck and its widest section measures 131ft

Source: The Sun

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