Local residents trekking to Indian Army tents supplying essential items

For more than a week now, scores of locals and volunteers have been trekking to the Indian Army tents in forward locations of Chushul in Ladakh with the supply of essential items and other materials necessary for the protracted face-off with China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

After a fresh face-off between the two armies was reported on the night of August 29, at least 60 volunteers have been trekking around 3 km every day, carrying the supplies for the army. “Chinese army is sitting on Blacktop mountain and other places in the area. Our army is in tents, while the Chinese army has brought tanks, cars, vehicles and latest artillery on their side,” said Tashi Namgyal, a BJP councillor from Tangtse constituency of eastern Ladakh, who visited Chushul last week along with a group of volunteers.

Immediately after the fresh tensions were reported in Chushul, the Indian Army cut off mobile communication in most of the areas in eastern Ladakh.

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