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India’s MiG-21 is “BEAST”, shooting down the F-16 without any pressure : Russian Experts

Russian expert: India’s MiG-21 is not an antique aircraft, it is actually a four-generation aircraft, shooting down the F-16 without pressure!

The F-16 is very advanced, shooting down India’s antique MiG-21 in one go, the Pakistani general said in a recent message. But Russian experts have hit back, saying India’s MiG-21 has actually been upgraded to be a fourth-generation aircraft and is standard with a fourth-generation missile. The reason why the Pakistan F-16 was shot down was not only because of MiG-21 capabilities but also because the man who operated the F-16 fighter aircraft.

General of Pakistan.

Retired General Tufar, considered Pakistan’s best military pilot, said in an interview that Russian-made Indian fighter jets have little chance of winning the battle against Pakistani aircraft.

Referring to the air war over Kashmir last February, Tupal said Indian fighter jets could not cope with the formation of an invincible combination of light F-16 fighter jets and AIM-120 medium-range air-to-air missiles.

Indeed, in February last year, India’s MiG-21 and Pakistan’s F-16 air campaign turned out to be the exact opposite. An Indian warplane was shot down near the border between the two countries, crashed on Pakistani territory and the pilot parachuted. But in retaliation, India airforce MiG-21 launched an R-77 to shoot down an F-16, although the F-16 fell in Pakistan.

According to Pakistan general, the F-16 fighter was able to defeat a variety of fighters, including the Su-30MKI and MiG-21, for the main reason: “The Su-30MKI aircraft used by India and the very old MiG-21 aircraft,

Source: Defence View

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