India-China Standoff: With No Thaw as Winter Sets in, Why Hitting Pause was the Only Logical Option

After the sixth round of Corps Commander-level talks with China, the first response from government sources was an honest admission – that there was no apparent result. The explanation was that the issue is complex and will need more rounds of talks.

This made one aspect quite clear; that the 5-point consensus arrived at in Moscow was not being implemented immediately. This consensus was discussed and mentioned by the two sides in their respective statements, but not in the joint press release issued around 3:30am IST on September 11.

The joint press release had mentioned “dialogue, quickly disengage, maintain proper distance and ease tensions” as points “agreed” upon. “The two Foreign Ministers agreed that the current situation in the border areas is not in the interest of either side,” it said.

Meanwhile, another joint press release was issued on Tuesday which came 18 hours after the Corps Commander talks ended in Moldo. Significantly, this military meeting also had a diplomat providing the continuity between Moscow and Moldo.

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