How Chinese propaganda is using the 1962 war to shape public opinion

Chinese social media and websites have lately been peppered with news articles and analyses on how well-prepared the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is to take on the Indian Army, referencing the 1962 India-China war as a precedent.

Amid the ongoing India-China border tension, several articles on the October-November one-month war in1962 are being shared on Chinese social media where the PLA is being depicted as a superior, peace-loving armed force, always ready to treat enemy soldiers humanely.

The write-ups in Mandarin portray India as the aggressor and China being forced to “counterattack”.

Many among those who are sharing the write-ups on social media are “military enthusiasts”, Shanghai-based military expert Ni Lexiong told HT, and most use aliases.

Given the Chinese government’s tight online censorship, the propaganda clearly has Beijing’s backing.

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