France handed over 5 more Rafale fighter jets to India, Chinese J-20’s to become ‘Kaal’

France has handed over the next batch of Rafale fighter jets to India. All the five aircraft included in this batch are presently on French soil. It is believed that these Rafale aircraft will reach India in October. The aircraft will be deployed at the Kalikunda Air Force Station in West Bengal. Who will guard the eastern border with China. Five aircraft in the first batch of Rafale were inducted into the Indian Air Force during a formal program on 10 September.

France handed over the second batch of Rafale to India
French Ambassador to India Emmanuel Lenin said in a conversation with our associate publication Economic Times that the second batch of Rafale fighter jets has been handed over to India. These aircraft are currently in France, now it is up to the Indian Air Force when they bring these aircraft to India. He praised the pilots of the Indian Air Force and described them as excellent.

India made modifications in Rafale
Given the extreme temperature in the border with China, India has also got some modifications done in this aircraft according to its own. Due to which the aircraft can easily stort even in low temperatures. More than 250 hours of flying and field firing tests of 5 Rafale aircraft that arrived in India in the first batch have been done. These aircraft are included in 17 Golden Arrow Squadrons at Ambala.

Rafale will be heavy on China’s J-20
Compared to the Indian Rafale, the Chengdu J-20 of China and the JF-17 of Pakistan are fighter aircraft. But both of them are slightly less than Rafael. The Chinese J-20’s main role is of a steel fighter, while Rafael can be used for many purposes. The basic range of J-20 is 1,200 km which can be extended up to 2,700 km. J-20s range in length from 20.3 m to 20.5 m. Its height is between 4.45 m and wingspan 12.88-13.50 m, ie it is much bigger than Rafael. China has added PF-15 missiles to Pakistan’s JF-17, but it is still weaker than Rafale.

All Rafale will come to India by the end of next year
India signed a deal with France for the purchase of 36 Rafale aircraft. Of the 36 Rafale aircraft, 30 will be combat aircraft and six will be training aircraft. The training aircraft will have two seats and will have almost all the characteristics of a fighter aircraft. Rafale aircraft is India’s first major purchase of fighter jets in 23 years after the purchase of Sukhoi planes from Russia.

Source: Pledge Times

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