China touts deployment of bombers, transport jets in ‘high-altitude’ drills

With India-China tension spiking again following a transgression attempt by the PLA in Ladakh at the end of August, the Chinese state-run media has resumed playing up military exercises to send a not-so-subtle message to New Delhi. Ever since Indian and Chinese troops got involved in a standoff at the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh in May, the Chinese state media have publicised deployment of new tanks, helicopters, artillery and other systems. While not directly mentioning the location of these military exercises, the reports stated they were being held in “high altitude” areas, “plateau” regions or Tibet.

On Monday night, China accused Indian forces of firing warning shots near Pangong lake, an accusation that the Indian Army rejected. Since Tuesday, Chinese state media outlets have tweeted about deployment of “H-6 strategic bombers and Y-20 large military transport aircrafts”. Shen Shiwei, a news producer with China Global Television Network, tweeted on Tuesday that the aircraft were mobilised to “high-altitude plateau for training”.

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