China skeptical of India’s commitment to ‘5-point consensus’, calls MEA-Defence Ministry ‘good cop-bad cop’

India and China have been at loggerheads since April after the People’s Liberation Army made provocative advancements towards Indian territory along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), much to New Delhi’s chagrin.

Multiple diplomatic and military-level talks have not yielded much to de-escalate tensions along the international border near eastern Ladakh, the bloodiest episode of that altercation being on the intervening night of June 15-16 when 20 Indian Army soldiers were martyred defending their motherland.

With the hostile winter season knocking on the LAC’s door, the ill-equipped Chinese military is playing all its cards to attain a truce with the seasoned Indian Army, though Brigade Commander-level talks between the two armies haven’t yielded much in the past few meetings.

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