Average daily airline passengers grow close to two times in the past three and a half months

In the past three and a half months ending September 20, the number of daily passengers who travelled by air, on the average, grew close to two times. According to the latest data released by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the number of daily passengers, on the average, grew to 1,24,609 in the period between September 1 and September 19 from 64,396 in June in the present year.

According to analysts, this growth is largely because of discretionary or need-based travel. An analyst with a leading brokerage who wished to be unnamed said, “This is a pent-up demand. It includes travellers who were stranded in a particular location due to lockdown restrictions. It also includes travellers who planned visits to their relatives. This growth in average daily passengers does not include leisure or business traveller.”

The government’s decision to allow Indian airlines to increase the number of domestic passenger flights to 60% of their pre-COVID services also played an important role in improving the daily passengers’ growth.

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