Army instructs commanders to protect Indian territory ‘at any cost’ as ‘China deploys 50,000 troops’ along LAC

As India and China continue to face-off in the eastern Ladakh region, and military and diplomatic talks for de-escalation seem inconclusive as of today, the Indian Army has given standing instructions to field commanders stationed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) that Chinese troops should not be allowed to transgress into our territory ‘at any cost’.

The Army has also directed that soldiers must maintain strict discipline while protecting Indian sovereign land.

The commanders at border outposts have also been asked to exercise restraint while patrolling their respective areas or while undertaking any ‘task’, and that there must not be “extra display of strength” or “overuse of force”, news agency ANI quoted government sources as saying.

Sources also claimed that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has deployed around 50,000 troops with heavy tanks and artillery at the LAC.

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