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Army has a new action plan to curtail youths’ indoctrination by terror outfits in Kashmir Valley

According to a news report in Nav Bharat Times, the Army is working on a plan that will help the youth of the valley find a fruitful life even if a family member has met his end during an act of terrorism. The Army plans to create a database of surviving family members of the youths killed in encounters and to make a positive outreach to them so that they do not get poached by terror recruiters.

The NBT report says that the biggest challenge that the Army has faced in the Valley is that of influencing the family members of a gunned-down terrorist to steer clear of terrorist activities.

It has been found that several surviving family members get emotional, vengeful, and pick up the gun to themselves follow the path of terrorism. It’s a vicious circle and then they too go on to meet similar dates.

A new strategy:
The NBT reports says that under this new strategy, the Army now tracks down details of close friends, siblings, cousins and other family members of the slain terrorist. Then they reach out to them and try to explain the futility and perils of slipping down the path of terror.

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