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Amid tension at LAC, Army jawans get multilayered clothing for braving chilly winters in Ladakh

Amid the ongoing tensions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, the Indian Army is geared up with all-weather accommodation and clothing for its jawans even if the temperature drops to -50 degrees in the winters ahead.

The Army has stocked up on every commodity which is essential to keep its personnel safe and alert during the winters. The Army is providing the troops deployed in high altitude areas with multi-layered clothing. According to the Indian Army officials, these clothing will not only help the jawans to stay safe from the weather but also it will help them in hiding from the enemy.

These also come equipped with several types of equipment which the jawans need to climb on mountains or walk comfortably in the high altitude areas. In the first layer of clothing, there are inner trousers and a dark-coloured jacket, while in the second layer a green colour jacket and another set of trousers are being provided to them.

Similarly, on the third layer, which is also the outer layer, a jawan has to wear a white colour jacket and trouser along with specialised shoes.

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