Air to Air Brahmos missile will be ready by 2024

“Brahmos” is India’s most advanced cruise missile, supersonic “Brahmos” cruise missiles are currently available in two versions: anti-ship version and ground-attack version, the Indian Air Force part of the Su-30MKI fighter aircraft has been modified, can use the air in the middle of the two mount points, before and after the series mounted a 2.9-ton “Bramos” cruise missile

As one of the most advanced weapons manufactured by the Indian military industry, India has been actively improving the “Brahmos” and trying to promote it to other countries, according to current reports, a number of Southeast Asian countries are interested in the “Brahmos” supersonic cruise missile, Currently Brahmos is the most advanced anti ship missile in the world

Alexander Maksichev, Russia manager of Brahmos Aerospace, a Russian-Indian joint venture, told the satellite news agency that the company will build a Brahmos cruise missile in 2024 to destroy air targets such as early warning aircraft (AWACS). The Russian-Indian joint venture will develop an anti-radiation missile for India’s Su-30MKI fighter jets, and Maksichev noted that the design of the Brahmos air-to-air cruise missile to destroy air targets in the early warning aircraft category has been approved and preparations for the first launch are scheduled in 2024.

He said the missile’s biggest feature is its use to destroy large air-heavy targets such as early warning aircraft. Currently, the Brahmos series of missiles are used to destroy targets on the ground and at sea. “So we’re going to expand the mission of the Brahmos series of missiles, and in a few years we’ll have the capability to destroy air targets, ” Maksichev said.

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