Why Imran Khan govt is trying to woo Bangladesh?

When Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had visited Delhi, Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner Sayed Haider visited her and conveyed her that the Imran Khan had sent his best wishes. Even before Hasina landed in Delhi, the Pakistan Prime Minister spoke to her over phone for about 15 minutes.

What is the big deal? This is general diplomacy. I spoke to an Indian officer, who was unwilling to accept this that straightforward.  His question was, ‘Alright, did you know that Sheikh Hasina was invited by Imran Khan to Islamabad? ’

My answer was: How am I supposed to know what they have possibly discussed? Neither Sheikh Hasina nor Imran Khan had informed me what they have spoken about. But inviting to one’s own country is courteousness. 

In the diplomatic circles such exchange has its meaning. Having covered it for decades, I understood what the talk was all about.

It is the timing of the call that is significant. Today India’s dispute with Pakistan is in extremes. Since 1971, when Bangladesh was formed after fighting the Liberation War with the Pakistan army, till today so many things have changed.

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