Where are the nuclear weapons of India stored?

India’s Nuclear Program is one of the closely guarded secret in the world. Nobody knows anything for sure and globally everyone speculates about quantity and quality of India’s Nuclear Weapons and its delivery system. Figures ranging from 80–250 weapons are being thrown around a lot.

Having said that, according to one estimate India sits of over 5000 Kgs of Plutonium which is enough to give India over 1,000 devices making it 3rd largest Nuclear Arsenal behind Russia and US. India itself is under-reporting its capabilities both in terms of Nuclear Weapons/devices, types, yield, design, and above all missile delivery systems and range. For example, Agni V is projected as 5000–8000 kms range but similar size/dimension missiles from Russia and China have range of over 10,000 kms.

The India’s Strategic Forces Command (SFC) sometimes called Strategic Nuclear Command is responsible for the management and administration of the country’s Tactical and Strategic Nuclear Weapons stockpile. SFC is headed by Commander-in-Chief, a 3 Star General (Lt. General) or equivalent rank from other forces. First CIC was Air Marshal Teja Mohan Asthana back in 2003.

Baring few individuals in Strategic Forces Command, fewer still would be aware of exact Quantity, location, status, payload and housing of Nuclear Weapons as they are Confidential beyond Top Secret.

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