The PLA Aggressors: China’s eight top commanders who led Ladakh adventure

An Arabic speaking General with over 20 years of enforcing the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) diktat in Tibet, four Lieutenant Generals and three divisions commanders are currently overseeing the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) aggression on the 1597-km long Line of Actual Control bisecting Ladakh in India and occupied Aksai Chin in China.

With both the Indian Army and PLA locked in a stalemate after the latter’s reluctance to move its troops, the India-China military stand-off may well continue through this winter and beyond. It is led by the military architect of 2017 Doklam face-off which lasted 73 days, the 65-year-old Gen Zhao Zongqi, who is no stranger to military stand-offs.

The Hindustan Times has put together details of Chinese military commanders involved in the on-going Ladakh stand-off. Many are CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping’s men.

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