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Terrorists trained in Afghanistan by Pak commandos planning attack in J-K, warns intel

Intel reports have indicated that Talibani terrorists trained by Pakistan Army Special Service Group (SSG) in Afganistan are planning to launch attacks on security establishment and patrolling party in Jammu & Kashmir.

The Intel inputs suggested that the influx of Taliban/Afgan militants in terrorist outfits indicates more threats in the future.

The intelligence bureau report accessed by India Today Group reveals that Pak agency ISI and Army are pushing more Taliban/Afgan and Pathani militants in the Valley to mix-up other terrorist outfits.

The terrorists’ new strategy escape from security forces includes limited use of mobile.

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  1. I wonder in how many ways the spicy Indian media try to malign Pakistan in every possible way just to prove its fault lines. How silly it is to think that an institution that work for UN peace missions in a massive manner will do such stupid things. Plus if we look at the past events the mumbai attacks, the parliament attacks, and many more, all have proved that the Indian govt. had their own hands in such terrorist activities.

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