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Russia’s Torpedoes Range from Old and Obsolete to Nuclear Armed

Russia boasts one of the largest, most diverse submarine fleets in the world. Both diesel-electric and nuclear propulsion make their submarines deadly. But it’s not just the submarines themselves that are so dangerous—it is their torpedoes as well that pack a punch. Here is a selection of some of the most dangerous in Moscow’s arsenal.

The Futlyar is one of Russia’s newest torpedo designs. This advanced torpedo is said to be an advanced variant of Russia’s Fyzik class of torpedoes, and has likely been purpose-built for Russia’s newer Yasen- and Borei-class submarines.

According to the Russian TASS news agency, the Futlyar features several advanced characteristics. “The Futlyar will also be supplied with an improved homing system with an extended underwater target lock-on range. It will retain the baseline model’s range, speed and maximum launch depth—50 km, over 50 knots and 400 m respectively.” The heat-seeking torpedo will be controllable from inside the submarine that launches it as well.



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