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Russia’s Su-27 Scrambled To Overtake US Stealth Planes Over Black Sea

Moscow [Russia], Aug 10 (ANI/Sputnik): Russian fighter jet Su-27 was scrambled again to overtake US stealth planes over the Black Sea, forcing them to turn away from the Russian border, the national center for the defense control said Monday.

“On August 10, 2020, Russian air control systems discovered two airborne targets in neutral airspace over the Black Sea approaching the Russian border. To overtake the targets, Su-27 fighter jet was scrambled,” the center said in a statement.

According to the defense center, the two planes were a Boeing RC-135 and a Boeing P-8A Poseidon. (ANI/Sputnik)

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  1. Military build-up in August 2020 , somewhere in waters of eastern Mediterranean and in South China Sea as well amid news reports of some incident of 28 August 2020 when two Russian aircrafts are reported to have flown dangerously close to U.S. Bomber-52 mid-air over Black Sea.
    According to news reports , somewhere in waters surrounding the Greek Island of Crete and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean , clouds of something dangerous looking like much-feared , much talked about WW3 , have begun to hover over the skies there in August , 2020 . Readers would naturally be looking for an answer as to how this dangerous scenario has begun to shape-up there at this stage of time. Here are the factual details about the dangerous scenario ascertained by this Vedic astrology writer from news reports :-
    ( 1 ). Greece and Egypt signed a deal on 6 August 2020 , to set up a maritime zone in the eastern Mediterranean for exploring energy resources.
    ( 2 ). The deal of 6 August seems to have enraged Turkey . Consequently , it is reported to have sent on 10 August 2020 its research vessel called the Oruc Reis accompanied by escort warship for exploration of energy resources in the waters of area in the eastern Mediterranean over which both Turkey and Greece claim their territorial jurisdiction.
    ( 3 ). Amid high tensions , Greece is reported to have brought its grievance to Foreign Affairs Council in the EU for resolving the dispute appropriately. The EU are reported to have asked both Greece and Turkey to take steps to de-escalate the tension. Both Greece and Turkey are NATO members.
    ( 4 ). The news reports also suggest that Greece moved its naval fleet to the eastern Mediterranean , seeking , direct or indirect , support of Israel , the US and EU. France has already deployed some ships and military jets in the affected area.
    ( 5 ). A development of strategic nature having military angle shaped up on or around 19 August , 2020 , when the U.S. warship , the USS Hershel Woody Williams , reportedly arrived in the Greek Island of Crete . The mission of the US warship as perceived by analysts is to keep an eye on escalating tensions between NATO allies Greek and Turkey over energy resources rights in the eastern Mediterranean sea. The said U.S. warship is reported to have joined other vessels from the European Union and Russia in the region , where Ankara and Athens are locked in the dispute over territorial waters.
    ( 6 ). Going by news reports by 26 August , 2020 , instead of de-escalation , there is escalation. Cyprus , Greece , France and Italy agreed to deploy a joint presence in the eastern Mediterranean as part of the quadripartite cooperation initiative. These countries also decided to hold joint military exercises for three days from 26 August to 28 August 2020.
    ( 7 ). Germany has begun to take initiative towards de-escalation of the tension. German Foreign Minister has reportedly had talks with leaders of Turkey and Greece. While advising both to enter into dialogue to de-escalate the worrisome situation , he has warned of ‘ abyss’ in the absence of de-escalation as a spark could lead to disaster.
    ( 8 ). Opinion on the fast-developing worrisome scenario in the eastern Mediterranean or South China Sea during August 2020 , have begun to pour in. A former Australian Prime Minister is reported to have said on 8 August : ‘ Beware the guns of August in Asia’ .
    ( 9 ). According to news reports , Turkey on 29 August , 2020 , launched new military exercise near Cyprus coast in the eastern Mediterranean expected to last two weeks , in a sign that heightened tensions between Turkey and Greece were likely to continue. Turkey is reported to have declared that it would be holding a “ gunnery exercise” from 29 August until September 11 off northwest Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. At the same time , EU is reportedly set to order sanctions against some Turkey.
    ( 9 ). And the developing worrisome scenario in the eastern Mediterranean primarily between Greece and Turkey and the other such scenario in South China Sea involving China and the US with allies in August 2020 , and the news reported incident of 28 August 2020 when the U.S. Bomber-52 and two Russian came dangerously closer mid-air over Black Sea , look to be corresponding to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts in article – “ Planetary configuration in August -September 2020 suggest something historic , something rare” – published at on 20 July , 2020. In other words , the predictive alerts of this writer for more care and appropriate strategy in article published on 20 July 2020 are found confirmed substantially in full even to the extent of dates , by developing scenario in the eastern Mediterranean as also in South China Sea during August 2020 amid news reports of an incident of 28 August 2020 when Russian 2 aircrafts and American Bomber-52 came closer dangerously at about 100 feet mid-air over Black Sea. There can be other locations as well across the world , fitting well into the predictive alert of this writer published on 20 July 2020. China is not honoring promises in relation to Ladakh border during 2020. Tensions can flare up.
    The text of predictive alerts in this writer’s article published on 20 July 2020 becoming relevant to aforesaid worrisome scenario in August , 2020 in relation to Mediterranean and South China Sea , reads as follows :- “ The world looks to be getting together in two separate and distinct camps. One camp claims believing in or advocating social-cum-universal sort of philosophy. The other camp appears to be one whose key theme is expansionism. Yes , these two camps look to be pitted against each other during August-September 2020 , getting drawn to something like a mini WW3 if not a full-fledged WW3………………………………………………………Planetary configuration in two months , particularly during 10 August to 10 September , suggest heightening of tension between the two camps accompanied by war-like strategies. This circumstance can pave way for big-war including mini-war or compromise -settlement. In both the situations , the dates 10 , 11 , 19 , 20 , 27 , 28 and 29 in August are closely relevant. Similarly , the dates 6 , 7 , 8 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 24 and 25 in September are also relevant”.
    ( 10 ). The war-like scenario fast developing in South China Sea as also in the eastern Mediterranean during August , 2020 , does suggest that the world is getting drawn into two distinct camps pitted against each other , without going into concepts whether these camps can be said to be advocating social-cum-universal philosophy or expansionism. In other words , the camps have begun to form in war preparedness while concept of philosophy they belong to need not be pressed or ascribed or be thought relevant to our present context.
    ( 11 ). The U.S. is an important major part of the camps in the developing story , particularly in South China Sea. It may be in the fitness of things to mention here this writer’s related predictive alert of 11 November , 2019 in article – “ Astrological probable alerts for 2020” – published at on 1 January , 2020 as follows : –
    “ 4. The months of April to June , particularly May-June or later in 2020 look to be trending into the scene some serious landscapes. There could be some war or war-like conditions across the world , which the U.S. may be called upon to address. Sea or oil regions or such stuff seems to be calling attention”.
    ( 12 ). Italy can also be construed a part of the camp in the eastern Mediterranean taking into account its joint military drills with Greece there in August 2020. In this context , it may be apt to share with readers the predictions made by this writer through article -“ Potential of stars for Italy in soon coming year 2020” – published at on 15 December , 2019. The text of the related prediction in the said article reads like this :-
    “ During about second half of 2020 , Italy is likely to get opportunities in relation to past unfulfilled dreams or opportunities of forward positive movement . Some good work done in the past can bring success. Some stuck up projects can open gates to move forward. Relations with powerful nation or nations can grow positive drawing their support. Partnership issues with nations may resolve well , and their cooperation in economic and social sectors may be had. Italy may be associated with some international assignment of pride”.

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