Remarks By Australian High Commissioner To India On South China Sea ‘Disregards Facts’: Chinese Envoy

Chinese Ambassador to India, Sun Weidong, on Friday expressed discontent on the remarks made by Australian High Commissioner Barry O’Farrell on the South China Sea, saying Beijing’s territorial sovereignty, maritime rights and interests conform with the international law.

Taking to Twitter, Sun claimed, “Remarks by Australian HC to India on the South China Sea disregards facts. China’s territorial sovereignty, maritime rights & interests conform with international law.”

Sun’s remarks come a day after O’ Farrell, in an exclusive interview to ANI, said Australia is deeply concerned about destabilising actions in the South China Sea and lodged a note with UN Secretary-General last week refusing China’s unlawful maritime.

“It’s clear who safeguards peace and stability and who destabilizes and provokes escalation in the region,” Sun tweeted further. In an exclusive interview with ANI, O’Farrell said Australia rejects China’s claims to historic rights and internal waters in relation to the South China Sea.

“We remain deeply concerned by actions in the South China Sea that are destabilising and could provoke escalation. Last week, Australia launched a note with UN Secretary-General refusing China’s unlawful maritime claims in the South China Sea,” he said.

“Following a 2016 tribunal, which ruled against China’s claims, Australia rejects China’s claims to historic rights and internal waters,” he added. The Australian government has rejected any claims by China that are not consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. (ANI)

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