Never Shot Down: How Rafale Jets Have Dominated Skies In Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Iraq & Syria

From Afganistan, Libya, Mali, Iraq & Syria, the recently purchased Rafale jets for the Indian Air Force (IAF) have outclassed its enemies everywhere and has never-ever been shot down. The Rafales have been part of multi-operational missions and have proved its operational capabilities and air superiority, consistently across the globe.

As reported by EurAsian Times earlier, the IAF received the delivery of Rafale jets from France last week. A 4++ generation jet, India has put its faith in the French aircraft and looking at its operational history in different countries, the faith is justified.

Produced by Dassault Aviation, Rafales jets were first delivered to the French Navy in December 2000. The jets were part of ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ but did not participate in any combat role.

The Rafales first got to display their ability in Afghanistan on 12th March 2007 when first GBU-12 (heavy-weight, laser-guided bombs) were launched on 28 March to assist the cornered Dutch troops in Southern Afghanistan.

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