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J&K Ground Situation Improves Despite Pak’s Attempts To Contrary

The terrorists strength in Jammu and Kashmir is now below 200, the security forces said on the first anniversary of abrogation of Articles 370 on Wednesday.

Local recruitment has decreased significantly and now it is primarily limited to four districts of South Kashmir, said a senior intelligence officer adding that there has been serious blow to nefarious designs of Pakistan to ‘indigenise’ the movement and fuel unrest in the Valley.

The security situation in the Valley has witnessed progressive improvement since Abrogation of Article 370, said the officer.

The officer pointed out that on one hand the tempo of kinetic operations in the hinterland ensured denial of operational space to terrorist tanzeems, at the same time, high level of alertness by troops along the Line of Control ensured Pakistan’s endeavours to infiltrate terrorists into the Valley were blunted.

In the hinterland, Pakistan-backed terrorists are resorting to targeting innocent civilians with an aim to coerce them into following their Azadi narrative.

But domination of hinterland by security forces had a crippling effect on the terrorist tanzeems and resultantly their ability to undertake terror incidents was degraded.

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